Lift chair Maria electrical lift 2 motors reclining Swivel Bed Relax elevating Sitting deformable Tortora fabric skin effect

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2 motors with independent adjustment of the backrest and footrest: choice of any position between normal seat and bed. TV position with feet up at the most important for those suffering from swollen feet or spends a lot of time sitting (not avail. In armchairs 1 engine). alzapersona system helps the user to get up effortlessly (max 100kg). polished steel swivel base. simple remote control with two pairs of buttons one for each motor.

Armchair in soft microfiber elephant skin. Elegant design armchair with swivel base in steel. Cushion of deformable seat built in micro-springs covered with foam. Back padding in shaped polyurethane. DimensioniL P 76 x 85 x 115. A seat Dimensions cm: L 50 x W 53 x H 51. The chair comes already assembled and it will be sufficient to connect the plug

Armchair certified as a medical device class I (Medical CE), with the following benefits: building standards and higher levels of security, risk analysis. We provide an invoice for any tax detractions (check with your accountant). We issue invoices at the end of the month and the billing request should be communicated by that date.

Model Name chair
Deductibility of expenditure from taxes
Check with your tax advisor
mechanical Description
Lift 2 engines with swivel base in steel. Lowering the backrest and footrest movement managed separately with the possibility to choose any position. Swivel base Modern design with armrests that do not cover the structure and reclining system / elevation raised non-visible (normal require mechanical arms to the ground to cover the maccanica !!) Function alzapersona
Seat cushion
Cushion foam differential density The cushion rests on iron strings that flex as piston rings but does not become loose over time giving the feeling of smashed session. Cushion internal done in differential density foam Above the cushion microsprings we put a topper of 3 cm of foam which is an additional pillow and we made easily accessible so as to allow customers to be able to change such as putting our pillow in memory or autonomously as best like (this is a slab type parallelepiped of 3 cm in height, easy to find, do not need an upholsterer to change it).
coating type
elephant skin fabric
Color and type of coating
Tortora fabric skin effect (Maria)
Sizes chair Measurement
medium (standard size)
Weight kg maximum for the function alzapersona
up to 130 kg
wheel system installed for moving seated user optional
System wheels not available
Features included
2 independent motors back / feet
Alzapersona (elevation)
Seat with micro springs
power recline
swivel base
Optional accessories
Heating seat and back for those suffering from the cold or aid circulation (cod.RI2)
Heating seat for those suffering from the cold or aid circulation (cod.RI1)
Managing remote recline (Wireless remote control. Cod.TSC)
Muscle relaxation and circulation activation (Vibro massage on lumbar buttocks and calves. cod.VIB)
Safeguard chair fall food / drinks (antimacassar washable and easy to position. Cod.COP)
Sitting antidecupito (cushion memory 3 cm. Cod.MEM)
Support to the upside normal seat (adjustable headrest. Cod.POG)
Using electrical functions without connecting to the socket (Lithium battery. Cod.BAT)
removable armrests function to facilitate the user's movement
Tips on delivery and store packaging
We invite the customer to accept delivery even though the packages have the damage caused by courier, since rarely the seat is damaged, and in the unfortunate event of damage to the chair we'll replace it or when agreed with the customer at no cost to the customer. The refusal of delivery only creates delays since it was not until the return to the company guarantees the refund and place a new order (amazon rules). The courier delivery to street level (transport / amazon rules), sometimes the carrier is suitable for the delivery to the floor with no steps and there are adequate lifts. aesthetic defects, damage of coatings, damage of structure, lack of facts should be communicated within 7 days of delivery. If you're not sure of? Purchase does not use the chair and safeguard the packaging. Differences in sizes of 2-3 cm are possible being handicraft, with padding.
Instructions on how to open the packages
The chair comes already assembled. To open the package without efforts and damage: flip the cardboard and remove the tape by opening all the flaps (SIDE BELOW), turn over the box on the open side and pull the carton upwards. Remote control and electric cable already connected and positioned behind (remove the clamp and pass remote control cable under the right armrest). The backrest is engaged bayonet without tools, slips ... pushing and self-lock
The chair comes mounted with backrest mortise without tools To open the packaging without efforts: open all the flaps of the box (SIDE BELOW) turn over the open side of the box and remove the cardboard upwards remote control and cables already connected and positioned behind (remove the clamp and pass remote control cable under the right armrest). The backrest is engaged bayonet, slips ... pushing and self-lock
Synthesis method of use
simple remote control with 2 pairs of buttons. A pair of buttons moves the backrest up / down. The other pair of buttons moves the footstool on / down and once the footrest and totally closed actuates the function of elevation of the chair in total safety, the footrest being already closed. The position of the buttons also allows the simultaneous activation of 2 movements such as to recline the backrest and lift the footrest
Days of waiting for delivery to the carrier
In short Warranty
SUMMARY WARRANTY. We list the chair components, warranty period and service support. Electric motors, transformer, wiring 24 months of diagnosis at a distance problem through user and sending the new component. aStruttur metal, micro-springs of 24 months pillow, must send the chair to the service center. chair coating, seven days must pick the chair for replacement. The warranty covers the costs of materials and workmanship, the shipping costs of the components or chair to perform a service are covered only in the first 3 months, beyond which will be borne by the user. The presence of cosmetic damage, dents on the remote control, damaged cables, manipulation, lack maintenance, improper use to the exclusion of the product under warranty. In some countries / regions is available home care but the cost to the customer, except the materials that will be provided free of charge
Power Consumption Watts
armchair Width
70 - 79 cm
total chair width
Depth chair in normal sitting position
Depth of the chair in the bed position
Height armchair normal sitting position
Seat width
Weight of the chair without packaging
Number of packages
packaging volume
Packaging Height
Packaging length
Packaging Width
Categoria in AMZ integration
Telecomando semplice con 2 coppie di pulsanti. Una coppia di pulsanti movimenta lo schienale su/gił. L'altra coppia di pulsanti movimenta il poggiapiedi su/gił ed una volta che il poggiapiedi e totalmente chiuso aziona la funzione di elevazione della poltrona in totale sicurezza, essendo il poggiapiedi gią chiuso. La posizione dei pulsanti permette anche l'attivazione contemporanea di 2 movimenti come ad esempio reclinare lo schienale ed alzare il poggiapiedi
Copripoltrona universale Copripoltrona universale 2
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Copripoltrona universale

Copripoltrona universale Copripoltrona a T, permette di proteggere la poltrona nei punti più soggetti ad usura. E' realizzato in vari colori e tessuti per rinnovare l'immagine dei vostri ambienti. I tessuti sono pratici, lavabili in lavatrice e adattabili a tutti i modelli.
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